Crosswind | What is Jazz music with a Latin flair?
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What is Jazz music with a Latin flair?

America is a trailblazer in music innovation. And Jazz is perhaps one of the greatest artistic discoveries of all time. But what makes jazz such a novelty? When jazz is played, you feel it. Jazz is unique. It touches our souls and spirits in a exceptional way. And it is our heritage.  Jazz encompasses every culture and unites people of all races, nations, religions and across international boundaries. Jazz music with a Latin flair is just one of the tunes that show the tremendous versatility of the music.

What exactly is Jazz music with a Latin flair?  As indicated earlier, jazz music is universal. Beneath the creative jazz tunes lies the spirit of the music that makes it so appealing and compelling.  The spirit is freedom. The liberty to infuse flair and passion into a vibrant tune and a melodious masterpiece. This is what forms the basis of Jazz music with a Latin flair, and any other jazz tune for that matter. If you do not have an idea what jazz music with a Latin flair means listen to Crosswind jazz Band.  The amazing jazz band has perfected the Latin flair, making their performance so irresistible to true jazz lovers.

Jazz music with Latin flair is an artistic combination of African and Latin American rhythms, which are then infused with jazz and classical harmonies from the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe and the United States.  The defining characteristics of Latin flair in jazz music include the application of straight rhythm instead of swung rhythm. This is interspersed with a clave pattern but with no or rare application of backbeat. In this case jazz music with Latin flair uses unique percussion instruments, mainly the conga, timbale, guiro and claves. These instruments produce the unique Latin flair in the jazz composition. In case you are wondering what clave is, think of it as a pattern or tune. Clave is essentially a tune, originally from West Africa and infused with Cuban rhythm.

So what do you expect from jazz music with Latin flair?  The two unique Latino jazz flairs are Afro-Cuban Latin jazz and Brazilian Latin jazz. The Afro- Cuban Latin jazz flair comprises of elements of salsa, merengue, songo, son, mambo, timba and bolero. Charanga and cha cha cha are also Afro-Cuban Latin jazz flairs.  On the other hand, the Brazilian Latin jazz mainly has samba and bossa nova flavors.

Jazz music with Latin flair, just like other jazz tunes draws inspiration from various artists. Some of its influential pioneers include Dizzy Gillespie, Stan Kenton, Machito, Tito Puente and Cal Tjader among others. However, the rich spirit of jazz remains embedded.   The unique expression of human emotions remains the major creative power behind the jazz music with Latin flair. And the freedom of expression is emblematic.

If you are eager to experience the freedom of the human spirit, the boundless extent of artistic skill and passion, jazz music with Latin flair has it all. Next time you hear about Crosswind jazz band or any other band performing Jazz music with Latin flair at least you know what to expect.

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